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Behind all this, some great happiness is waiting. -Yehuda Amichai, from “Seven Laments for the War-Dead”


It's not fair. You weren't supposed to go home without me.


Leonardo Da Vinci
Studied hands, studied skulls,
Harriet Hosmer sculpted the clasp
of Elizabeth and Robert Browning.
Carvaggio painted them
Coming out of the darkness,
Adam reaching out to receive
life from his creator.
Antonio Canova, shaping Psyche
to revival by Cupid;
Isis, holding Nefertari’s hand
As she is granted eternity.
Delicate, desperate, reaching, grasping, begging.

Hands, in art.
My hand, in his.
Lord, there is something in my chest
Whenever I think about the city these days.
I am just another ghost,
Winding my way through the uneven lanes
Of a city already overflowing with them.

I have carved out my niche in eternity,
Made a home for myself in the afterlife,
And the city does not remark upon my passing.

It won’t be long before the city is the ghost,
Winding its way through unfamiliar lanes
And dark corners of memory,
As difficult to retain as smoke.
This time I am the one expected to carry on.

I hold the language like a handful of pebbles in my mouth,
Cut my teeth on every consonant,
Stumble over every syllable.

I do not know how to hold on to you.
Momentary Migrant

I have chipped my teeth on this poem long enough.
Soles pounding a staccato heartbeat into the cobbled streets,
Stars swallowed up by walls and fog.
The city moans, howls, roars,
And I am headed home.

My veins rise from my legs like embroidery—
No, like risen trenches,
Too many nights spent standing
For things I believe in,
But don’t know how to voice.

Lord, let me forget there was ever
Such a thing as war.
Varicosity: An enlarged and tortuous vein (such as the one I continue on in, such as the one that runs from my feet to my heart and keeps my head turning, not knowing which way to go)

May my actions be louder than my words.
I made another playlist, this one for the Archipelago: The Diamond Sea.

(Listen to the one made for Menniri here.)


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You can study logic, but you cannot reach reality through it. Logic has rules. Reality doesn't give a crap about the rules. Reality is not chaos, but the middle ground between chaos and logic.

Sea at night avatar by pjuk

If you are a dreamer, come in!
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hoper, a prayer, a magic bean buyer
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin
Come in!
Come in!
Shel Silverstein

You must carry on
Like hurt has never touched you
Or like gravity is still theory
--Chris Emslie


I would not have been a poet
except that I have been in love
alive in this mortal world,
or an essayist except that I
have been bewildered and afraid,
...or a storyteller had I not heard
stories passing to me through the air,
or a writer at all except
I have been wakeful at night
and words have come to me
out of their deep caves
needing to be remembered. -Wendell Barry, 1994

You will hear thunder
and remember me,
And think: She wanted storms.
The rim
of the sky will be
the colour of hard crimson.
And your heart,
as it was then,
will be on fire. -Anna Akhmatova



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